I’ve been getting restless lately. I couldn’t wait for winter to come to Price, so I packed up the family and we came to winter.

We drove up Huntington Canyon today and spent some time playing in the snow. There were several others up there playing as well, mostly snowboarders. The snow was too deep for the kids to have much fun–they just sunk up to their waists most of the time. I brought my tiny backpacking stove, and we made hot chocolate while we were up there, and I took a few pictures along the way. It was beautiful near the summit between Huntington and Fairview canyons. A snowstorm was moving up the west side of the mountains, but the east side was clear, so at the top there was this awesome blend of falling snow in the background and bright sunshine in the foreground. I could have spent all day just taking pictures, but that doesn’t quite sit well with the family sitting in the car.

I’m loving my new camera. I didn’t think being able to take video with it would be that big a deal, but I’m beginning to really like that feature. I’ve already taken a few night shots with long exposure times, but I don’t quite have the hang of setting the right exposure and aperture. I suppose it takes practice. Once I stop being lazy and buy a new CF card (or two), I’ll be able to experiment more, but right now I can only squeeze less than 20 images on my 32 MB card.

1 thought on “Frightful/Delightful

  1. It’s so hard for me, living in the plains all my life, to imagine that snow could be waist deep this time of year.
    I’m jealous, I love the snow.

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