Let me take a ride

I got bored Sunday and decided to go on a little road trip. I didn’t want to be gone all day, but I wanted to go somewhere I hadn’t been before, so I headed up US-191 through Indian Canyon towards Duchesne. The closer I got to the summit just after the Avintaquin turnoff, the more snow there was. At the top, the clouds were clinging to the mountain and there was almost two feet of snow. I expected the low clouds and bad weather to extend north into the Uintah Basin, but it was beautiful and sunny all day up there. I hit Duchesne, then headed east on US-40 to Myton, and then Roosevelt. After Roosevelt, I headed back south and took the SR-87 loop through Altamont back to Duchesne, then back home. I saw a lot of interesting country, and did a little geocaching while I was out and about (got my shoes and my car pretty muddy doing it, too).

Driving back south from the Indian Canyon summit to the Carbon County line, there was a lot more snow than when I’d driven through that morning. I’d like to take my family up there to play in the snow–I know the kids would love it–but there aren’t many places (if any at all) where I could get my car, at least not without just playing along the side of the highway.

I finished the kids’ playset completely today. I just had to drill a few holes and bolt each slide to its platform, then attach some handholds above each ladder. It took me almost my entire lunchbreak to do those things, but the weather was so nice that I thought I had better finish now before it gets cold or wet again. As it is, the mud in the back yard is too bad for the kids to play out there anyway, and that’s what kept me from finishing up until today. When spring rolls around, I’ll have to figure out how I’m going to build a climbing wall (which will be about 12′ high), and what I’m going to do for ground cover (either grass or gravel, or both). I think this has been as fun for me as it is for the kids.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve passed through Vernal a couple of times on my way to go camping, once at Steinaker Reservoir and once at Flaming Gorge. Never really spent much time there, though.

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