When I ordered my new camera, I didn’t order a CF card with it. My S10 will accept CF Type II cards (hence the IBM MicroDrive), but the A95 accepts only Type I cards. I’m considering the Sandisk 1GB CF card from for $79. I’m normally the sort of person who goes for whatever’s cheapest, but with my experience with the SLOOOOOW MicroDrive, I really want the best and fastest card possible. Simply going solid state should improve things, but I really want the best of the best, since the price difference between the cheapest and the one I want is only $13.

It should give me 400 shots on one card before having to download and delete the images (at the highest quality), which is still fewer than I’m used to with a 2.1 megapixel camera. When I really think about it, I don’t think going up to 5 megapixels is going to affect me much, since I use my images mostly for the web, and I resize those down to 640×480 most of the time. I suppose Traci, since she prints images out for scrapbooking, will actually get more use out of the increased quality than I will.

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