Without Me

Ok, I’ve finally got my website set up how it used to be. The “Quickies” are back, and so is the poll. It took me forever to troubleshoot the quickie entries. I created a new weblog in MT, then imported all my old GM quickie entries into that blog, but nothing showed up in the main index file (which is included in my MAIN main index file using SSI). After messing with it for about an hour, I gave up and chatted for awhile. When I was done chatting, I came back to it, and the answer hit me like a brick–MT was displaying the last 7 days worth of entries, instead of the last “x” number of entries. Since I hadn’t posted to the quickies in the last 7 days, MT was displaying zero entries. I added “lastn=’10′” to my <MTEntries> tag, and BAM! There you have it. I don’t know where you get your Movable Type, but where I get mine, it don’t come seasoned.

I’ve just got to do a little HTML rejiggering to get the formatting of the quickies and the main entries looking better, but the hard part is done. Oh yeah, the comment pages aren’t like they should be, but I think I’m going to try something different and use a different template than the main index for the comment pages this time around. I’ll sober up a bit and take care of it tomorrow.

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