It looks like I’ve got some of the bugs in Movable Type worked out. After several tries, I finally got the individual acrhive filenames to mirror my Greymatter filenames. I also fixed the problem with the comments being jumbled together. So the only problem now is getting GD installed so the captcha system will work.

I’m going to gut all the MT templates and use SSI for the layout–that way I can simply make changes to one file, then FTP it to the server, and it’ll automatically be visible throughout the site, with no rebuilding of files. I may not get around to that tonight, so I’m stuck with this ugly default layout for now.

5 thoughts on “Alrighty

  1. Nope, gotta try again. MT keeps putting me in the approval queue, but it should let me post without approval after the first time. This time it should go through.

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