F'ed Up

Well, it appears that I wasted my time installing Movable Type. I can’t get the captcha system to work, I think because this server doesn’t have GD installed (and I don’t have access to install it). Right now, I’ve got it set so I have to approve comments the first time somebody posts one, but it will add the user’s IP to a whitelist so they won’t have to be approved after the first time.

Another big problem is that, when MT imported all my GM entries, it named the files in reverse chronological order. I wanted all my archive files to have the same filenames so search engine hits would be accurate. I don’t think there’s any way around that one, and I may go back to GM if I can’t figure this one out.

Also, the imported comments are jumbled together as one comment. Even though I followed the import instructions to the letter, MT still screwed everything up. This is something I can fix, with a lot of work, but I’m still pissed about it.

One other gripe: MT is SOOOOO slow. I could rebuild my entire site (about 1500 entries) in GreyMatter in just a couple of minutes. Movable Type takes about 20 minutes, sometimes longer. Also, GM has the option of rebuilding only current entries (from the past seven days), but MT requires that you rebuild all entries. This is a big pain in the ass when I’m testing a template change.

I’ve still got a lot of other little things to try and work out, but none of this is a priority for me. I can revert back to GreyMatter much more easily than if I were to continue using Movable Type, but then I’d be back to the same old blog spam problem.

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