Well, I switched over to Movable Type, and so far I’m not impressed. I’ve still got a lot of things to fix, and I can’t figure out how to fix half of them. I’ll have to play with it more over the weekend.

Our trip to Grand Junction went well–as well as a trip can go with kids, anyway. Traci and I voted just after 8:00 am on Tuesday, and we hit the road immediately after leaving city hall. I pulled over at the Colorado state line, and Michael and I got out and braved the cold wind to find a geocache there.

Once we got to Grand Junction, we headed straight for Mesa Mall and killed some time. Afterwards, we ate lunch and then checked into the Grand Vista Hotel (crappy website, but it’s a nice place). We did a little more shopping, including a stop at Fisher’s Liquor Barn. I got a 12-pack of Rolling Rock and a 1.75 liter bottle of Bacardi rum. Getting cheap non-Utah beer was nice, and the rum was way cheaper than here–$18.99 instead of the usual $23.95. It’s pitiful–I could bring back a few of those and it would make up for the money I spent on gas.

We did a little more shopping Wednesday, and we almost made a quick side-trip to Moab, but didn’t want to add an extra two hours to the already three-hour drive. The kids slept all the way to Green River, where we had to stop and fuel up. We hit another cache just outside of Green River on the old US-6, under a bridge. It was really creepy, since it was dark outside and we were in the middle of nowhere snooping under an abandoned bridge.

We got home and carved our pumpkin that we didn’t have time to do before Halloween, then roasted the seeds and ate ’em. Today, I sprayed some Thompson’s Water Seal on the kids’ playset, and I’ll wait a couple more days before hoisting the roofs (you’d think that would be rooves, like hooves–damned English language) up and hanging the swings. It’ll be nice to have it done, but it’s a little late for it to do any good with the way the weather has been. A combination of bad weather and pure laziness is what kept me from finishing up before now, but they’ve still got years and years to enjoy it.

Tomorrow morning (technically today), I’ve got to help my wife’s uncle with some computer troubles. I don’t know why people still come to me for help, because the further away from 1999 it becomes (the last time I considered myself very knowledgeable about computers), the less helpful I am. Not that I mind helping, but most people, especially those who can afford professional help, could have their problems solved much more quickly without me.

6 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. Once you figure out all the glitches, you’re going to love MT.
    I can try to help as much as possible, otherwise I’d say hang out in the MT support forums. The people there are very knowledgeable and helpful. 🙂

  2. Trust me, compared to 99% of…uh, “regular users”, you’re a fountain of knowledge.
    Even by 1999 standards.
    For some reason people just don’t want to actually know anything about this machine that they use so often.
    It’s like if these people wanted to buy and use a car, but refuse to learn to drive it.

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