I broke the passenger-side mirror clean off my car just now. I’m pretty pissed at myself. I was driving in Spring Glen on a narrow road, and there was a truck coming the opposite direction. He had to angle to his left to clear a few mailboxes that were close to the road, and I had to do the same to avoid a garbage can on my side of the road, but I didn’t get far enough over.

The mirror is just hanging by the bundle of wires for now, but I’ll probably disconnect it until I can get a new mirror. Ford wants $127 for just the housing, which is the only part I need, but I’ve got a request in to a junkyard to see if they’ve got one and how much it’ll cost.

Why the hell couldn’t Ford use a hinged mirror like everybody else does?

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  1. I was driving on a bridge across the Delaware River, and that nearly happened to me too. It was the narrowest bridge I’ve ever seen, and only a thin metal grate made up the floor of it. Two cars did not fit very well…fortunately both my car and the other one were small. I would have been scared to just walk over this bridge, especially considering the Delaware is wide and rough at that particular spot.

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