Our camping trip this weekend was great, and thanks to a nice thunderstorm that rolled through yesterday evening, we were able to come home a little early. When I’m pulling the trailer with my truck and it’s hot outside, the truck tends to overheat pretty badly. We’d planned on coming home early this morning, which would have sucked having to get up that early only to go to work when I got home, but the rain cooled things off considerably and we were able to make it home at around 6:00 yesterday evening without overheating.
The highlight of my trip, oddly enough, was getting caught in the rain during a hike with Michael. We had driven up near the campground at Old Folks Flat to look for a geocache, and after hiking up the mountain for about 20 minutes, it started raining lightly. After another 10 minutes or so, we had found the cache and I was writing in the logbook when it started coming down really hard. I hurried and shoved the contents back into the cache container and we headed back down the mountain. I was surprised that Michael was actually having fun hiking in the cold rain, so when we got back down the the road, we just walked along the creek for awhile, looking at all the small trout swimming around in the slow-moving areas.
We’re planning on another camping trip in two weeks, and probably almost every weekened after that until winter sets in. Last year we didn’t go camping nearly enough, mostly because it wasn’t fun (or fair) bringing a newborn baby along in the dreadful heat. Now that Bradley’s old enough to enjoy himself, we want to get our money’s worth out of having to register the trailer and the truck–if it weren’t for going camping, I could do without that damned piece of shit truck (although I hope to remedy that problem soon).

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