Stroked and Bored

My wisdom teeth are out, and the experience wasn’t all that horrible. It sure went quickly–my appointment was at 8:00 this morning, and I was back home by 8:40. I’m still oozing a little blood, and the drugs are enough to keep the pain completely away. I haven’t eaten anything today, and I’ve drank only a little water, all because I’m afraid I’m going to knock loose the blood clots that have formed in the tooth sockets. I didn’t work today, though I probably could have without any problems, but it was nice to sit around and relax all day–something I rarely get to do even on weekends.

2 thoughts on “Stroked and Bored

  1. Just keep it clean with warm salt water rinses. Sounds nasty, but it’s better than dry sockets! Those are the worst. pain. ever.

  2. Not to bragg, but I was eating Mcd’s and sippin rootbeer through a straw by the end of the day that I got mine pulled.
    …your right that was me bragging.:)

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