Last Day on Earth

So, I’ve been taking a narcotic drug all weekend, and its effectiveness is starting to wane. My gums and inner cheek are so swollen that I can’t chew anything, not even the softest of foods. Traci called the dentist for me (her family is apparently friends with him) and he called in a prescription for some antibiotics, and told me to call his office first thing tomorrow and they’ll squeeze me in sometime. I’m really dreading having teeth yanked out of my mouth with pliers, but not being able to eat is wearing on me more than the pain.
I’ve lost about ten pounds since Wednesday, which is when this first started, and I doubt I’ll be able to eat much for a few days after I get the teeth pulled. I’m not sure how this’ll affect my plans for camping this weekend, but it’s already delayed all the getting ready I’d planned on doing this weekend. I hope the dentist gives me some strong pain killers, ’cause I’ve already been putting up with this crap for too long, but I don’t know if it’ll be wise to pull my trailer to Huntington Canyon while I’m under the influence. I guess I don’t really care what happens, as long as my mouth gets fixed. That probably doesn’t sound too nice as far as Traci’s family reunion goes, but nothing is more important to me right now than my health.

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