Infinite Wisdom

I decided that I didn’t want to wait two weeks to build the kids’ playset, so I’m taking some time off work in order to get started on it. Today, I prepared the ground and measured and marked most of the lumber, and tomorrow morning I’ll finish marking the lumber and actually start cutting it. If I feel up to it Saturday, I’ll actually put it all together, though I’m not sure I’ll have time to do much before heading up to Provo. Sunday, I’m going hiking and geocaching on Billie’s Mountain, possibly on the Thistle slide, and in a few other places along US-6. I’m looking forward to accomplishing some things this weekend while still getting to play a bit too.
One of my wisdom teeth is really bothering me (yet again), and I’m actually considering getting both of them removed. Three months ago it was the right side, and this time it’s the left. I had a hard time sleeping last night because of it, and today I can’t eat much except for soft foods. I still have some Percocet left over from my back pain a couple of months ago, and it’s helping well enough that I can’t feel the pain when I’m not moving my jaw. When I do move my jaw, however, the stiffness and pain is still there and as bad as ever. I’m just glad that the Percocet didn’t cause me to react like I did when I took a Lortab once for a severe earache–that’s the only reason I didn’t take any for my back pain, because I more worried about the drugs than I was the pain, but this time the pain won out.

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