Ok, so I was reading this article in the Deseret News about the dedication of the Upper Diamond Fork Project, and it got me wondering when they’ll open the road going up Diamond Fork Canyon. The CUPCA website is completely useless as far as construction progress goes–it hasn’t been updated since February. So, I started Googling around looking for more info about the road closure (it’d be nice to bike to the hot springs this summer), and I found this Spanish Fork River Drainage website. My eyes were immediately drawn to the picture in the upper-left corner of the page. Doesn’t it look familiar? Here’s a screenshot just in case it gets taken down (which I’m fairly sure will happen).
Anyhow, the best I can gather is that the road is still scheduled to open in October, and I’m hoping it will be early enough that the fall colors are still hanging around. That’s one of the most beautiful areas in the state during the fall, and I enjoy the lower part of the trail much more than the upper half that is still accessible from Sheep Creek Road.

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