When it rains…

Both of my kids are sick, and I feel awful about it. Watching a 3-year old dry-heave, and then cry because he doesn’t understand what is happening or why, is a pretty helpless feeling. Bradley started out getting sick at Mike’s house Friday evening, and when he was still puking yesterday morning, we decided to pack up and head home early. By yesterday evening it was starting to look like we had acted prematurely, since he hadn’t been sick since before we left Mike’s, but then he threw up the first meal he had eaten since the night before. Michael got sick this morning around 4:00 am, and I ended up sleeping on the floor next to his bed so I could take care of him, while Traci slept in our bed with Bradley so she could take care of him. I hope this is over soon, but seeing as how Bradley is going on his second day of being sick, and Michael is just starting his first day, it doesn’t look like we’ll be that lucky.

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