Red Apples

It looks like next weekend I finally get to go camping for the first time this year. So far, every weekend I’ve wanted to go there’s been something going on that prevented us from camping. I haven’t even registered my trailer yet, and the registration expired in April. All next week, I think I’m going to spend some time getting the trailer ready (filling propane & water, charging batteries, loading food, etc.), and we’ll head out somewhere on Friday when I get off work. The temperature has been getting up around 90° the past few days, so we’ll have to go somewhere higher up so we don’t bake. I just hope my truck doesn’t give me any shit, since it’s had some cooling problems the past few years.
This weekend, I’m going up to Mike’s (Traci and Bradley went up yesterday, and I’m following today with Michael). I’ve got some shopping I need to do up there, and I want to at least look at some backpacking gear. It’s not really looking like I’ll be in good enough shape to hike King’s Peak this year, not unless I get off my ass and start hiking and biking more in the next few months. It probably helps that I’m on a sort-of diet–when I went to the doctor last week for my back, my blood pressure was pretty high, so I’ve been eating differently trying to get it down. In fact, I ate a banana and an apple for breakfast today, which is a pretty rare occurence–I haven’t eaten a banana since I was a young child. I don’t drink soda anymore, and I’ve stopped eating sunflower seeds since I normally go through an entire 1 pound bag in one or two weeks, which equals more than 1 gram of salt. Besides eating more fruits and vegetables and trying to eat less salt, I haven’t really changed my diet too much, except that I probably eat smaller portions now as well. I’ve also stopped getting migraines, which were probably in part caused by the high blood pressure, so hopefully it’s actually on its way down, though I don’t know if less than two weeks is enough to make that big a difference.

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