Walkin' Fool

Bradley is finally walking regularly, without being persuaded and often without any particular destination in mind. Lately, he’ll walk out into the middle of the room, then he’ll just stand there and start laughing, as if he’s insanely proud of his accomplishment. Michael started walking when he was exactly 11 months old, and Bradley started one day before he turned 11 months, though technically Michael started walking the earliest if you count the number of days rather than months.
I took a break from working on the dining room today and went for a drive with the whole family. I vaguely remember seeing some petroglyphs once while out riding a 4-wheeler with a friend somewhere east of Wellington just off of US-6 about 8 years ago. We tried finding that road, but nothing looked familiar, so when we got to Woodside, we headed east on a road that parellels the Price River as it cuts through the Bookcliffs.
This page says that after six miles, the road should end and there should be some petroglyphs there. I actually found a single panel of petroglyphs a little further than six miles down the road, but the road certainly didn’t end there (although it got really rough then). This map, made in 1985, shows that the road exists and that it’s a well-maintained road, yet this map made in 1969 shows the road as being a “jeep trail” and ending after about six miles. So, the information listed on the America’s Byways website must be really out of date.
Anyhow, this page tells of some petroglyphs where the Price River flows into the Green River, and I’m pretty sure that this road eventually goes there, but whether or not the petroglyphs are on the west side of the Green River is another matter. We had to turn around at one point where the road turned into a 4-wheeler trail and we couldn’t go any further, but someday I’d like to bike from there to the confluence. After driving over six miles we weren’t even halfway to the confluence, so it’d probably be a long ride, and it’s not likely that I’ll end up returning until October.

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  1. “Michael started walking the earliest if you count the number of days rather than months.”
    I can’t believe you took the time to figure that out.

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