I missed an entire day of work today because I hurt my back last night. I was sitting on the floor at Ty‘s, and I tried picking Bradley up when this stabbing pain hit me really hard. I still don’t know why it hurt me, since Bradley only weighs a little over 20 pounds, and I pick him up all the time without any problems. Anyway, it hurt like hell when it first happened (it was difficult to keep the grimace off my face), and it bothered me all night to the point where I didn’t get much sleep. I decided at around 5:00 am that I was going to call my doctor as soon as the office opened, but when I called, the earliest I could get in was at 3:00 pm. So I ended up laying flat on my back in bed all day until my appointment, but after nearly two hours of waiting at the doctor’s office and the pharmacy, I’ve now got a pretty good stock of drugs (Skelaxin, Zanaflex, Relafen, and Percocet) to keep me going until the back problems go away.
Speaking of such, does somebody really get paid to sit around and dream up names for prescription drugs? I would have thought coming up with new names for cars would be tough enough (Outlander,
Freelander, Highlander, Uplander [ok, so maybe not that hard]), but there are probably hundreds of thousands of prescription drugs out there, all needing somebody to come up with a unique name. I’d like that job.

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