In Deep

So much for hiking East Mountain or South Tent Mountain this weekend. I didn’t really want to chance driving all the way up there and getting skunked because of snow, so I searched all over the web trying to find out if Skyline Drive or Miller Flat Road were accessible. I found a statewide fishing report on the DWR’s website, which says that Cleveland and Huntington Reservoirs are still mostly frozen, and that Potter’s Ponds are inaccessible. Miller Flat Road runs right between Huntington and Cleveland and goes straight to Potter’s Ponds and then to East Mountain, and Skyline Drive runs parallel to it on the west and at a higher elevation to South Tent Mountain. I’ll just have to wait until Mike and Matt show up this evening to figure out what we’re going to do. I still want to go on a long hike, but unless they feel like driving down to I-70 and going on a killer hike, I can’t think of anywhere decent to go.

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