Pitching a tent, you know, down south

Mike and his family are coming to stay at our pad this weekend, and it looks like Matt is coming along as well, so we’re planning on going for a hike Saturday. We haven’t decided exactly where we’re going, but it looks like probably South Tent Mountain in Sanpete County first, then East Mountain in Emery County after that, at least if the first hike doesn’t kick our asses. The combined round-trip distance of both hikes is only five miles, but East Mountain has the steepest grade of all Utah’s county high points–more than 1,600 feet in elevation over one horizontal mile. There’s also no trail at all, and the forest is pretty dense. The only thing I’m really worried about is snow–we’ll be over 11,000 feet, and there’s sure to be a lot of snow still on the ground. There’s no guarantee that we’ll even be able to drive on Skyline Drive, let alone do any hiking.

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