Three point one four

Price Shitty is repairing the street in front of my house for the third time, and hopefully the last (however unlikely that may be). They actually dug up all the existing asphalt and are starting over from scratch, instead of just throwing down a thin layer to patch their already shitty job. And get this–they’re actually using hot asphalt to fill in the hole. They’ve finished paving most of it already, but there’s still a big hole on the shoulder of the road that needs to be filled in–I think they ran out of asphalt and they’re waiting for more. I called to complain about the big bump in the road last week, and I’m completely surprised that they’re actually doing something about it. You know what they say about the squeaky wheel. But then again, it’s entirely possible that they received a lot more complaints other than just mine, since at least hundreds of people drive on this street every day.

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