Damn this god-forsaken town. I finished assembling my utility trailer yesterday, but I haven’t done much in the way of wiring the lights because I can’t find the things I need to do a good job of it. You’d think something like rubber grommets and heat-shrink tubing would be easy to come by, but that’s apparently not the case.
I was searching around for websites where any Harbor Freight trailer was mentioned, looking for comments anybody had made about their quality, and I ran across this page. Something like that would be fun as hell to build–not that I have the time or the money, but to build something like that from scratch would be a blast.
We ended up spending more money that we’d planned on several things in the past week, and now most of my paycheck is gone, so we’re going to have to scrimp for the next week and a half so that we’ve got plenty of money to blow in Vegas. Not that I plan on gambling much (I never really saw the fun in that, except for the occasional poker game among friends), but I’d like to do some fun things there and bring back a lot of souvenirs. Maybe bolster my shot glass collection a little–I’m sure some cool shot glasses can be had there.

4 thoughts on “Biatch

  1. “…except for the occasional poker game among friends.” What the hell are you talking about? Last time you showed up was like 6 months ago. We still have it every 3rd weekend of the month, if you ever care to join us.

  2. Dennis and i started our own poker game since the table is always too full for me to be invited. šŸ˜‰

  3. That’s not really why I haven’t come to a game in so long. I didn’t even know that you still had them regularly, but it seems like I’ve always got other plans anyway (damned wife and kids!). =)

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