I ended up driving to Harbor Freight in Orem to buy a utility trailer today. I called this morning and they only had one left, so I asked them to hold it for me. It’s got a load capacity of 1800 pounds, but it doesn’t fold up and also doesn’t have the stake pockets needed to build the sides up, but I can just make my own. I hurt my back really bad helping to load it into the Mazda, so I’m not sure that I’ll be able to put it together as fast as I’d planned. The box that it came in was 7’x1’x1′, so not only did I have the front passenger seat folded all the way forward, but the box stuck out the back window too, which made for a fun drive home with exhaust fumes getting in the cabin (no biggie, it helped dull the back pain). =) Luckily, Motor Vehicles doesn’t require registration for trailers under 750 pounds, and this one only weighs about 350 or so.
After I get it put together, we’ll have to wait until the weather gets a little nicer before Traci and I can go buy all of the stuff we need to re-do the dining room. That may not be until next weekend anyway, but at least that gives me plenty of time to assemble the trailer without hurting my back further.

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