Sucky Sucky Long Time

Things have been going pretty slow on the the home improvement front lately. I had planned on at least starting work on the dining room by now, but that hasn’t happened. The room is nearly empty and ready to go, but I haven’t gotten around to buying the materials I need yet. I went to Provo for work yesterday, and while I was up there I stopped at Lowe’s and Home Depot. I was surprised at how shitty Home Depot was. Lowe’s had everything I needed, and it was all quality stuff. Home Depot had very little of the stuff I needed, and the things they did have were of poor quality. I haven’t bothered looking around here yet–if Home Depot in Provo doesn’t have everything I need, I certainly can’t count on CJ’s or Kilfoyle’s having it.
The only reason I didn’t bring the materials home yesterday was that I have no way of bringing them home. I ordered this utility trailer from Harbor Freight two weeks ago, but it’s back-ordered and their customer service has no idea when it’ll be back in stock. I went to their Orem store while I was up there yesterday and they actually had some 4’x8′ utility trailers in stock, but they were heavier-duty than the one I’d ordered, and they cost $100 more, so I wasn’t sure I wanted one. My problem now is that even if I wanted one from the store, I’d have to make two trips up to Orem–one to pick up the trailer, then I’d have to bring it home to assemble it before making the second trip up for the materials. It’d be cheaper to rent a trailer to bring everything home in, but I’d really rather have a utility trailer of my own, since it’d come in handy for a lot of other things as well.

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  1. I have a friend who works for Lowe’s, and he told me that they don’t do any location analysis. They build new Lowe’s stores as close as possible to Home Depot stores. So Home Depot pays for the location marketing analysis, and Lowe’s just moves in afterwards. So wherever you find a Home Depot, you should be able to see a Lowe’s as well.

  2. Heheh…that’s a sneaky way to do business. Seems to me like just the opposite happened in Provo/Orem, though. The Lowe’s in Orem used to be called Eagle (I think), then Lowe’s bought the store, then two Home Depot stores moved in, one about 10 miles north and another 10 miles south, each one right off Interstate 15.

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