I got a postcard in the mail today, reminding me of my ten-year high school reunion. After looking at the class picture, it seems like much longer ago than ten years. I have no desire to actually go to the reunion, since I’m still in contact with the people I really wanted to stay in contact with. But it might be fun to go anyway, as long as the rest of my friends from high school will be going too.
The hike I took today out by Mounds was pretty nice. I parked my truck on the southeast end of the reef and hiked northwest about six miles along the edge of the reef, then walked back to the truck on the dirt road for about three miles. I didn’t find any cool fossils like I’d hoped to, but I did find a lot of small ones like I found last weekend. I also took some pretty nice pictures, and saw eight antelope–they startled me by running out across the road from behind a hill about 100 yards ahead of me, and I stopped the truck and they eventually stopped to look back at me. I sat and watched them through binoculars for five minutes, then headed back up the road towards home. I wish I could have stayed out longer, but the temperature was just starting to dip below freezing when I got home, so I suppose it wasn’t a bad idea to leave early.

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  1. Mullets galore! Heh, my class picture looks pretty much the same.
    I didn’t go to my 10 year reunion, and from what I hear, didn’t miss out on much. šŸ™‚

  2. Wow…check out the big hair on the girls…
    The first activity for the reunion is great. “Come see how Carbon High has changed”..
    I spend at least half my workday at that school 2-3 times a week, so you can imagine that I just can’t wait…
    Looking at that picture reminds me how many people I just plain dislike from our class.. all people that I had forgotten about, and many who I still can’t remember names even after seeing thier picture again.. Any bets on whether or not any of them have actually changed?
    I just found myself thinking: “jerk, idiot, dumbass, moron, …hmm, that guy was cool, how I forgot about him?, jerk, idiot….”

  3. Heh…check out all the hair on me! =)
    Yeah, looking at that picture makes me realize how much I really hated most people in high school. I don’t know if there was an inordinate number of douche bags around here, or if I’m just of the disposition that I dislike most people.

  4. Well, I don’t think it is just you. I had forgotten about a lot of people that suck in our graduating class. After looking at the picture, I came up with a hand full of people that I want to punch in the mouth, and I can’t even remember some of their names.

  5. It’s not just you two either…I looked and did about the same thing. Jerk…jerk…prick…idiot…prick..
    I’ll prolly still go to reunion though, just because there actually ARE a few people I’d like to see again that have moved away…plus its a night out away from the kids lol.
    Oh…did anyone else notice that according to the site..the zipcode in SLC is the same as the one in Price?..LMAO

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