Three Weeks

I called Nelco last week to have them come out and give me an estimate on replacing the sewer line, and they said it probably wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow. The big holdup has been getting all the underground utilities marked before they can determine where to dig. They called Blue Stakes late Thursday, and by early Friday morning the power and telephone companies had been out, and Price City and Questar marked their lines this morning. The guys I talked to at Nelco said they’d make the estimate for replacing the line between the curb and the sewer main, so hopefully any problems in my line are in that section (if not, they can simply revise the estimate and my insurance company should still pay). When I told them that my insurance company was paying for the excavation and restoration, and that I only had to pay for the actual pipe replacement, they said I was getting off easy. It doesn’t seem like replacing 40 or 50 feet of pipe could cost too much, so hopefully they’re right.

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