I got the exhaust installed on the ’87 Subaru and took it for a drive just a few minutes ago. It turns out that it’s got a blown head gasket as well, so all this work was for nothing (well, except for the experience). At least it didn’t cost me a dime to do the transmission swap–I didn’t even fill up the transmission with gear oil before driving it. I think I’m just going to part both cars out, and at least that way I’ll be more than able to recoup the money I paid for the ’87. The thing I’m bummed the most about is that I won’t have a Subaru to off-road in during the winter, and I certainly don’t want to beat on the Mazda since it’s our only mode of transportation for now. I think what I’ll eventually do is take the money I make from selling the camper, my truck, and the Subaru parts, and just buy a decent 3/4-ton truck. But I’m still going to keep an eye out for a cheap Subaru to drive as a beater.

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