Is it just me, or does the Utah personalized plate search not allow the use of two “o” characters in a row? I’ve tried dozens of character combinations, ones that nobody could possibly already have on their license plates, and can’t get anything with “oo” past the damned thing. Double zeros, however, seem to work just fine. If you can get something with “oo” in it to work, leave a comment here with the character combination so I can check it.

5 thoughts on “double-oh

  1. There must be something offensive to the state of Utah about having two o’s next to each other…
    I mean, come on… I’m offended that you just mentioned it.

  2. Sweet, it looks like they fixed it. No doubt it was a programming error, and they likely fixed found out about it through the referrers from this site, since it’s been broken like that for months.

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