The Soup Nazi gets a job at the DMV

Hah…here’s a great column by Bob Lonsberry that I found while doing a search on Google–there are 84 comments so far, and well worth reading. I got woken up yesterday morning just after 6:00 by WTKW, TK-99 Classic Rock in Syracuse, New York. I was going to get up early to drive to Provo for work anyway, but an extra half-hour of sleep would have been nice. =)
I ordered the valve cover gasket set for the Subaru today, and it’ll be here tomorrow. I wasn’t initially planning on fixing the oil leaks just yet, but after running the engine for two minutes the other day, it lost way too much oil on the garage floor. I’m not looking forward to resealing the valve covers, and especially the camshaft cases, because I have to remove the timing belts in order to do it. I might as well replace the timing belts, and hell, while I’m at it, why not the head gaskets too? This is turning into more work than I really wanted to do, but it’ll be worth it in the end. I’ll end up being into the car about $250, so if I can thrash on it for a year before it dies on me, it’ll have been worth it.

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