Man, I just about froze to death during the drive into work this morning. I think the thermostat on the Mazda is stuck open, because the needle on the temperature gauge barely moves when it’s really cold outside, and the heater puts out next to no heat. Either that, or the temp gauge/sender is broken, and the heater core is shot. Hopefully it’s just the thermostat, which I plan on replacing this week sometime.
It’s been snowing almost all day here in Provo, so I’m expecting the drive home to be really slow. That is unless the weather is like it was last Thursday on my way home from Salt Lake, when the bad weather stopped just south of Spanish Fork Canyon. It seems strange to me that I’d much rather be driving in this weather in a Subaru rather than the Mazda, even though the Mazda is supposed to be more off-road capable.

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