In the Clutch

The minutes for the October 8th meeting of the Administrative Rules Review Committee are finally online, and basically all that happened is that they asked the Tax Commission to put together a proposal regarding a rule change and present it at the next meeting. That meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, though I’m not certain that any final plans will even be made then. Whatever happens at the committee meeting, and whatever decision is made on my appeal, I probably won’t find out about either for another month.
I did some more work on my Subaru today, and it’s damned near complete. It took me more than six hours over the course of three days to remove the pedal assembly from my ’88 Subaru, but after getting the hang of how it’s removed, it only took me 20 minutes to remove the same assembly from the ’87 Subaru. After getting them both out, I realized that I’d have to reuse the assembly from the ’87 anyway. The ’88 is fuel injected, while the ’87 is carbureted, so the ’87 has an extra bracket welded to the pedal assembly that holds some sort of switch for when the throttle is wide-open. The problem with reusing that assembly is that the one from the ’88 also has an extra bracket welded on that acts as a stop for clutch pedal. To remedy that, I drilled a hole where the bracket should have been and simply put a bolt through it, which now acts as a clutch pedal stop.
The only major things left to do now are raise and bolt-in the transmission, reconnect all the front-end pieces, install the driveshaft, rewire the park-position sensor leftover from the automatic transmission (so the engine will start without having to be in park), and drive away! It’s really only another day’s worth of work, but I don’t think I’m going to get to is this weekend. I really need to spend some time with my family, ’cause once I get this car on the road, I’ll probably spend a lot more time with it. =)

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