minus one

Well, tomorrow’s the big day, the appeal hearing for my license plate denial. I hadn’t started really preparing my arguments until this evening, and I’m already finished with everything that I need to do. I don’t think the hearing will last long, as there’s not much either side can say. My arguments alone shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, and after seeing what Laron Lind sent me, I don’t think he’ll be much longer than that either. I’m not certain when the Tax Commission will make their decision–hopefully they’ll do it before the hearing is over. Whatever the outcome, it will have been worth it. To let this pass without fighting it would have been as ridiculous as the situation itself.

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  1. Well all we have left to say is GOOD LUCK!!!! And we agree. if you had let this go it would have been stupid. Keep fighting. And to those people that are concerned with thier tax dollars going to waste, they need to be mad at Utah for have such a rediculious and pompous rule to begin with. Hope we soon see that plate driving around offending vietnamise gorilla’s everywhere…
    LOL 8-D

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