I’ve finally gotten motivated enough to do some more work on my Subaru during the past week. I swapped out the entire front-end from my ’88 into the ’87, so now all that’s left is to swap the pedal assembly and install the transmission. There are also a few small odds and ends left to do (exhaust, driveshaft, etc.), but most of the major stuff is complete. For the front-end stuff, I took the steering knuckle, strut, axle, and lower control arm out as a unit, which must weigh around 100 pounds, and moved it all to the other car and installed it. Both sides are installed on the ’87, but I have yet to install the bad parts that came from the ’87 in the ’88–it’s got to at least roll and steer so I can get it out of my driveway.
When I finish up with all that work, which is just barely enough to get the car driveable, I’ve still got to replace the front brake pads, valve cover seals, and speedometer cable, and reseal the camshaft cases, and probably a dozen other small things that I’ll need to do for this car to be truly off-road-worthy. I think I’m going to paint it camouflage, too, at least if I can figure out a way that won’t look stupid. Hopefully after another weekend or two it’ll be on the road (or off-road, actually), which means it probably won’t be long before it’s back in the garage being repaired after some major abuse. =)

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