I got this letter in the mail today from Mike Dmitrich in response to the letter I sent him a couple weeks ago. Hopefully he’ll be able to persuade the DMV to allow my personalized plate request, but it doesn’t look like he’s willing to push a legislative change through. I haven’t heard back from any other legislators that I wrote to, but considering how long it took Senator Dmitrich to respond, I probably shouldn’t be expecting to hear from anybody else too soon (if at all).

12 thoughts on “Promising

  1. I would hope that the leaders of Utah would have better things to be concerned with then your petty little issues.

  2. You caught me! Really Dennis, you do seem to like to cause trouble and make a mountain out of a mole hill. Shouldn’t you be more concerned with providing for your family and paying your own bills. I mean, you did declare bankruptcy.

  3. It’s not as though I’m fighting the DMV’s decision to the exclusion of everything else in my life. With as petty at you seem to think I’m being, the fact that you keep commenting on the matter suggests to me that you could stand to heed your own advice much more than I.

  4. Well, I’ll give you credit, at least you’ll admit that you’re a troll. Though, not a very good one if you’re going to give up that easily.

  5. No no, not solo. There was some black guy, BLACK GUY, not solo, that used to run a shitty little dive of an e/n site. His name was danny or some such. After he burned out, he started running around flaming and shit.
    Im pretty sure we caught him using a proxy to post snide remarks here and I think he hacked my old site or something, or maybe he got hacked, i cant remember.
    Dennis dont you rememer who I mean?

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