I’m gonna have to head up to Kenilworth today to fix the coordinates for my first geocache. I returned to the cache last week and did some hiking in the area, and just for the hell of it, did a GoTo to the cache to see if my GPS would lead me straight to it. Well, it didn’t–when I reached the cache, the GPS said I still had 48 feet left to go, which would have lead me up a steep hill. One person who logged the cache also confirmed the same thing with his unit, so hopefully I’ll get it fixed today. This weekend I’m going to West Valley, so while I’m up there I’m going to buy a few ammo boxes to move my caches into. The Rubbermaid containers I used are pretty decent as far as protecting the contents, but the camoflauge paint that I used is already flaking off, even after sanding down the plastic.
I’m really looking forward to hiking on Saturday. We’ll hit the high peaks for three different counties in a single day. We’re planning on being gone all day, and hopefully we’ll make it back from our last hike before it gets dark. At least with my GPS, we won’t get lost, but hiking through the mountains in the dark still doesn’t sound fun, even when you know where you’re going.

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