I spent about four hours working on the Subarus yesterday, and managed to get the transmission pulled from the ’88, and transferred the shifter/linkage assembly from the ’88 to the ’87. I think I’m going to transfer all the smaller parts now, like the clutch cable, pedal assembly, and the front-end parts, before I actually install the transmission. That way I’ll have more room to maneuver under the ’87. I’ve decided to let the registration lapse on my truck, since it’s not much use to me in the winter, but that means I’ve got to get this Subaru up and running before the end of next month. Once I finish the transmission and the front-end, I’ll probably register it, but then I’ll have to fix some oil leaks before I really drive it much. Seeing as how I never drove this car before buying it, I hope that when I drive it for the first time with a manual transmission, I don’t find a bunch of other problems that I have to deal with. Well, at least I’ll have a good donor car in that event–everything but the engine from the ’88 is at my disposal.

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