Traci and I hid our first geocaches yesterday while her mom watched the kids. It was nice being out alone, but we didn’t have nearly enough time to do everything that we wanted. The first one we hid around Kenilworth, near a vent shaft for the coal mine. Surprisingly enough, there were quail all over the place, and judging by their tracks and all the droppings, they even spend a lot of time inside the vent shaft. I hadn’t been up this canyon since I lived in Kenilworth, so it’s probably been 20 years or so. There were quite a few waterfalls cut into the cliffs, including a few that you could climb (there’s a link to a picture of me climbing one on the cache page). I’m definitely going to return and do some more climbing, since I didn’t have the time to do much while we were there.
We hid the other one between Carbonville and the highway. This one should be pretty tricky for most people to find, especially when using a GPS, since from the highway it would appear to be just a few hundred yards away, but you have to drive a few miles out of your way to find the dirt road leading to the cache. It had a nice view overlooking Carbonville, and the Price River snakes around just below the ridge where the cache is.
We wanted to look for at least one other cache while we were out, but we had to be back in Price to pick up the kids before 5:00, so we’ll have to do it later this week. There are quite a few caches within 10 miles of our house, but I’ve only found one so far. I’ve found five others as well, but they were all either near Huntington Canyon, or just off the highway in Price Canyon. I think we’re going to place a few more pretty soon, but I think I’ll do these ones somewhat far away, in some pretty remote locations. The only problem is that I’ll have to be able to check on them whenever necessary, so they’ll have to be in places where I actually don’t mind going out of my way to get to.

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  1. Thanks Mike, that was great. I think someone should buy that to put in your cache. If only I had enough money to spend on stupid things.

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