This was in the Salt Lake Tribune today:

Expect an appeal: Price resident Dennis Udink was surprised when his application for a personalized license plate was turned down by the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles. All he wanted was his last name — “Udink” — on the plate, but his request was denied by the division’s assistant director Kevin Park because there cannot be “sex reference” on a Utah plate.

Udink finds it ironic that the Utah Tax Commission, which collects taxes on his vehicle, doesn’t have any problem with his “offensive” last name.

Maybe that will help my appeal, which the DMV should be receiving this morning.

4 thoughts on “Ha!

  1. Dennis, Move to Oregon! Your cousin Michael (Pene and Viv’s son) has “Udink 1” for a license plate – their his name and a reminder that it is his first brand new car!

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