Drunk in Utah

We were going to go camping this weekend, ’cause we probably wouldn’t have gotten another chance this year, but it looks like we won’t be able to swing it. Traci and I have got too much going on this week to get ourselves and the trailer ready to go. Instead, we’re driving up to Monument Peak for the day on Saturday, then we’ll take a nice long bike ride on Sunday. And Friday, Traci will be out of town with her mom, so Michael and I are staying home and going for a hike that evening (hopefully he’ll be up for it–he’s probably a little young for hiking around in the mountains too much).
My GPS receiver arrived today, and I managed to play around with it for a little bit to make sure I can use it the way I want to. I created a waypoint (over a benchmark on Wood Hill) in All Topo on my computer, then hooked the GPSr up to the computer using the cable that came with it, and transferred the waypoint to the unit. Then I hopped in the car and took a drive. It actually zeroed out at 13 feet from the actual spot I should have been at, which is pretty decent accuracy for going between a USGS map and a GPSr. It’s nice to know that it’ll work that way, so I can use it to make sure I’m heading in the right direction when hiking around to all the highest peaks in Utah over the next year or so.
After hitting Monument Peak this weekend, I plan on going to another mountain in Wasatch County with Mike and Matt on October 4th. I may also hit two other nearby peaks before October, but I really need somebody to go with me (Ty? =)). Then there are two more that are within an hour’s drive from Mike’s place, and hopefully I can climb those before winter sets in.

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