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  1. Jesus Christ…calm down, god forbid someone tries to make a point and some interesting conversation.And to answer the question… it wouldn’t rhyme if he said “my twin Glock .40s are chambered and ready to fire.” 🙂

  2. Speaking of Glocks, I think I’m going to get a Glock 27 sometime soon. I checked one out pretty thoroughly today at a sporting goods store, and I really liked it. It didn’t seem much larger than my P-11, except for the thickness, but I really loved the feel of it in my hand. Only 9 rounds, but in .40 caliber, and it seems like it’d be really good for CCW.

  3. I shot one about a year ago…it’s a really sweet piece. A glock 26 though…same gun in 9mm. The only thing that kept me from getting it instead of my kel-tec is the price.

  4. The reason he says he has his twin Glock .40s cocked back, is because it is a two meaning type of thing. One he has his Twin Glock .40s and two he has his .40s (as in 40 ounce beer) cocked back (as in drinking). Get it 🙂

  5. what’s twin glock 40’s in d 1st place??? i never got wat he meant by that?? some1 plz explain it to me!!!

  6. Uhh maybe he meant that he has two Glock .40 cals, each one cocked.
    And forget the Glock 27, get a Glock 20 or 29, the 10mm. And if you can’t handle it the Compensated version is actually great.

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