Well, this is comforting news. I ended up getting bothered enough by the numbness in my extremeties that I called my doctor’s office today, and they got me in to see another doctor in their after-hours clinic. The doctor said that he can’t readily explain why I would have numbness in both my fingers and my toes, and he was hoping that the problem with my hand was just a fluke, since it only started happening today. Anyhow, he said that since I have accompanying back pain (that I’ve had for about a week) that a muscle in my back must be spasming and pinching a nerve, which is causing the problem with my toes being numb. He gave me some drugs that may help with that, but if somehow the hand problem is related to the other, then it might be something wrong with my brain, like a tumor. He said if the prescription doesn’t start working, then I’ll have to go in for all kinds of fun tests, like an MRI and maybe some others.

4 thoughts on “Hrmph.

  1. “It’s not a tuma”
    Sorry I couldn’t resist.
    Speaking of tests, my wife had a headache that started the other day, it hurt so bad she went to the doctor. They told her to go to the hospital an dget a cat scan. Turns out to now be a
    really bad,$1000 headache.

  2. Yeow…sounds like it turned into an even bigger headache. I’ve had migraines that have gotten that bad, so much so that it’s hard to resist lodging a bullet in my brain to relieve the pain.
    Heh…that’s the first thing I though when the doctor mentioned brain tumors. And then, of course, I thought of the kid who’s always talking about penises and vaginas. Ok, this has gotten way off topic. =)

  3. Hey Dennis, I’m a pharmacy tech and I’ve got to tell you, don’t get hooked on Bextra man, while it works great, it is ridiculously expensive, and most insurances don’t cover it/still charge a lot/won’t cover enough of it. I’d ask him to write you a prescription for something else (I’m assuming he gave you samples, if not and you already bought the Rx, disregard).

  4. Thanks for the info about Bextra. The doctor actually gave me enough samples to last me for almost three weeks, and I think (or hope) this is a temporary condition, so I shouldn’t even need the pills much longer.

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