Whoever picked the middle of July–and a low-elevation campground–to have an outdoor gathering must be retarded. It was so miserably hot at Traci’s family reunion, that Michael and I ended up coming home on Saturday. The heat was so bad that I didn’t get to do any of the hiking, biking, or anything else that I had planned on doing while I was up there. The water temperature in my truck ran 220 degrees the entire way home, and I half-expected the engine to seize up. Next year, if they pick one of the same shitty spots at the bottom of Huntington Canyon to have their reunion, they can count me out.

7 thoughts on “Hell

  1. you are this bad ass person that has guns and hikes and bikes but when it gets to hot you jet. dennis you suprise everyday…sorta.

  2. Umm…I’m guessing that there’s antifreeze in that there water so that it boils at a higher temperature.

  3. Actually, water tends to boil at approximately 201.8° F at my elevation, but Ty’s right–strangely enough, when you mix ethylene glycol with water, the boiling point of the solution is much higher than that of pure water. The phrase “water temperature” is a commonly used generic term used when referring to temperature of the coolant mixture in motor vehicles, and wasn’t meant to be taken literally.

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