I’ve been getting so little sleep throughout the past couple of weeks, and it’s really wearing me out. I got up really early yet again this morning so I could take my trailer up to Huntington Canyon and drop it off at the campground that we’re staying at this weekend. Now that I’m done packing the trailer, I may actually get to bed early enough tonight to get more than five hours of sleep.
I decided that hauling the trailer up this morning would be the best thing to do, since my truck would likely overheat if I took it up this evening in this shitty 95 degree weather we’ve been having lately. Of course, I’m going back up on Thursday after work to spend the weekend, so it’ll probably overheat then anyway, but at least I won’t be pulling a couple thousand pounds behind me.
I’m getting much better at backing a trailer with all the practice I’ve had lately. The other morning when I backed it into the driveway, I only had to pull forward once to straighten out, then it was straight backwards the rest of the length of the driveway. And the spot that I backed into at the campground this morning was curved, so I had to back around a corner to avoid backing over some trees. It was a little trickier than I’m used to, but I managed to do it without much hassle.

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