Think Differnt

Surprisingly, things aren’t too different around here with a new baby in the house. When Michael came home from the hospital, our lives changed pretty drastically, and I was expecting the same thing with Bradley. He’s pretty much been sleeping the whole time, except when eating or being changed or bathed, and even then he’s pretty mellow. I’ve been pissed on twice already, once when changing a diaper and the other time while bathing him–that kid could contend for the world record for peeing distance by a week-old baby. The one thing that has changed is how I view Michael now–I always used to see him as being small (which he is, for his age), but with Bradley around, Michael seems like a giant. It’s wierd how perceptions can change so quickly.
When we left the hospital, the pediatrician said that Bradley was a little jaundiced, but that we shouldn’t worry about it unless it didn’t go away in the next few days. Yesterday, we decided to call his pediatrician’s office because it wasn’t getting any better, and the nurse said that we should bring him in as soon as possible. So Traci and her mom took Bradley all the way up to Provo, and all the doctor did was look at him and say that he’s doing fine. I was kinda pissed off that they didn’t at least do a blood test, because if all the doctor had to do was look at him, I don’t think it was worth a 160-mile round trip. I’m just glad that I stayed home with Michael, ’cause I would have been really pissed if I had to miss 4 hours of work for that.

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  1. man when my brother became a father the baby was at our house most the time and i’ll tell you life did change. although not as much as yours the only downside is that i had to be 007 to be quite enough to get in the house and not wake the baby, and when i open the fridge i see a bottle and i wonder did that come from a boob or is formula. i would just step back slowly :).

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