Home at last…

It feels great to finally be home. Sleeping in a fold-out bed in the hospital is far from comfortable, so hopefully tonight I’ll get a better night’s sleep that I’ve gotten in the past five nights. Of course, what I experienced is nothing compared to what Traci’s going through, so I can’t complain too much.
Pictures are here, and I’ll probably put some video up later this week, but I don’t have the space to keep videos on this site for very long. I love my new camera so far, but I can’t really say how good it is until I pull some video off and burn some VCDs or something. I’ll need to get some good video editing software, so if any of you can make some recommendations, I’d appreciate it. Oh, and I guess it’s time to get that Western Digital 100 GB hard drive from Sam’s Club. I’ve had this 20 GB drive for almost five years, and it’s been pretty much full for the entire time.

4 thoughts on “Home at last…

  1. Dude, that kid looks like you! That is what I thought when I saw the pictures any way, before reading your last post. Anyway, congrats.

  2. I make a lost of (S)VCDs so I can probably help you with the software. As far as video editing and cutting and such I would just get the latest Premiere.

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