Ready Freddie

Jeez…almost a week since my last update. It’s not that I don’t have anything to post about, it’s that either I don’t want to tell it, or you don’t want to hear it. Things will probably get a little more regular around here in another week or so.
Speaking of regularity, I’ll have to remind myself to never eat another spicy italian sausage sandwich ever again. Especially before driving 20 miles from the nearest civilization on a dirt road. And if you’re ever on Cedar Mountain, about ¼ mile past the radio towers, don’t pick up any large rocks you see off the side of the road.
Ok, that was probably a little too much detail. We went camping this weekend, near the same place we went last weekend, but only because Mike and Ali came with us. But they left a day early, so we decided that we no longer had a reason to stay out there, and we packed up and came home. I spent the rest of yesterday sitting at home, doing nothing. Today, I went for a long drive, took some pictures, then came home and did yard work.
I think I’ll be doing yard work most evenings this week, and hopefully I’ll get the weeds in my back yard under control. I’d like to get everything into a state of low maintenance, since I don’t plan on spending much time at home this summer. I’d like to spend most of my free time wandering around aimlessly, which I’ve done a lot of lately when I’ve gotten the chance, but I’d like to do it a lot more.

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