Home Sweet Trailer

Camping this weekend was great. The weather was perfect, except for the wind on Friday evening–it prevented us from having a campfire that night. We went on several short hikes, which Michael had a lot of fun doing. It’s nice that he’s old enough to get around on his own without help, even when climbing steep hills and rocky areas, but in another two months, we’ll have another little one that’ll tie us down for a while longer. Anyway, everything in the trailer worked just fine, though we didn’t test the furnace since it didn’t get cold enough to bother. It was nice having hot water and a shower, but Michael was the only one who got one. The fridge didn’t work when plugged into 110V while in the driveway, but it worked perfectly on propane when we got to our campsite–I was even able to make ice in the freezer.
On Saturday, we went on a drive up Horse Canyon, which is northeast of East Carbon. We took the Subaru up a very steep and winding one-lane dirt road, but we eventually turned around because Traci got a little scared. If I’d been alone or with a friend, I would have definitely gone to the top of the mountain. I think the road goes to the very top of the Book Cliffs, where there’s still quite a bit of snow for this time of year. As far as I can tell from topo maps, the road doesn’t go much of anywhere, except to meet up with other major dirt roads along the Book Cliffs and the Roan Cliffs. It was definitely scenic, though.
On our way home yesterday, I decided to see how fast I could safely tow the trailer. On the way out on Friday I didn’t do more than 55 mph, because if something bad did happen, I didn’t want it to ruin my entire weekend. =) Anyhow, on US-6 in Cat Canyon, I kicked it up to 60 mph, but the trailer started swaying pretty badly, so I guess 55 mph is pretty much as fast as I can go. Traci was following me in the Subaru, and she said she really freaked out when she saw the trailer swaying that badly. The truck pulled the trailer without any problems–except for accelerating and stopping (and the 55 mph speed limit), it doesn’t feel much like I’m towing a trailer at all.

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