One Weak

I put some pictures up that I took over the past three weekends. The first bunch was taken on and around Consumers Road two weeks ago after a pretty cool snow storm. The second set is from Big Cottonwood Canyon, where we went with Mike and Allison last weekend–that trip sucked, ’cause my car kept overheating for some reason. The last few pictures I took yesterday while I was on a hike. There’s a dirt road that goes from near the Wildcat loadout on Consumers Road to a ridge that overlooks lower Gordon Creek, but the road is gated off at one point. I parked at the gate and hiked the rest of the way to the end of the ridge, which overlooks US-6 and Carbonville. There was a rock cairn about five feet tall where the ridge ends in a point, which I saw from the bottom of the ridge while driving around on Saturday, so I decided to check it out yesterday. There was another dirt road that led off to the north, which I suspect loops back to the west and meets up with Consumers Road somewhere, but I didn’t have time to follow it–I’ll save that for another time when I have my mountain bike with me.

2 thoughts on “One Weak

  1. I see you are feeling well enough to go hiking. We aren’t gonna get any of that “Sorry, I can’t tonight. I’ve got a headache” bull shit everytime we want to play poker are we?

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