All work and no play…

Traci and I went for a drive yesterday and found a decent place to go camping next weekend. It was tough finding an accessible spot, since our trailer is a little low in the rear, and it would bottom-out on most of the dirt roads we wanted to go on. I think I’m going to do a spring-over job on the trailer this summer so we don’t have to worry about bottoming-out anymore. I looked at the suspension setup, and it looks like it will be a simple job, though I might need to find somebody to do some welding for me and to align the axles when I’m finished.
We were going to go camping this (Easter) weekend, but there are too many things to do in order to get ready to go by Friday. We need to register and insure the trailer, flush and fill the water tank, get a spare tire, charge the battery, and test the appliances. I also need to get a trailer brake controller for my truck and test the brakes on the trailer. I’ve got a spare set of brand-new 31X10.5″ tires for my truck, and I’m thinking about getting them mounted this week too, but I’m hesitant to do it because I’d like to sell my truck sometime this year. Then again, I don’t want to pull a trailer with bald tires on the truck either, especially off-road.

9 thoughts on “All work and no play…

  1. Heh…nah, buying a trailer is a pain in the ass. =) Hopefully camping will be a lot easier once we get all the trailer stuff worked out. BTW, what are you guys doing next weekend? =)

  2. I was just wondering if you and Mandi wanted to go camping (hey, it’s worth a shot). Mike and Allison will be with us, and we’ll be out there Friday through Sunday.

  3. So, you’re not camping on the 18th anymore? Because that is when poker is gonna be held. Mike is gonna be down that weekend.

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