2 thoughts on “Halfwits? You give them too much credit.

  1. To the two or three people who repeatedly (over and over and over again) get to this site by searching for “Hollywood Halfwits” (yeah, you know who you are [especially you with THE ALL CAPS])–there’s this feature in Internet Explorer, called “Favorites,” where you can add a particular website to your Favorites menu. That should save you the trouble of doing a Google search every 20 minutes in order to get to this site. Just thought I’d give you a helping hand… =)

  2. No, I’m serious dude, whoever you are:Hostname: unknown.Level3.netBrowser: MSIE 6O/S: Windows 2000Date/Time: 09 Apr, Wed, 12:59:41 MTReferring URL: HOLLYWOOD HALFWITSC’mon, hit CTRL+D next time.

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