Hung (over)

I figure I’d better post before a whole week goes by since my last update. I woke up this morning with an extremely bad headache and the urge to vomit, which only goes to show what a good time I had last night. =) Thank the devil for Excedrin. It was poker night with the boyeez, and I brought a whole box full of booze, mostly schnapps and other sweet girlie drinks, most of which is now gone. I normally stick to rum and coke or lime daiquiris, but I had fun doing shots of everything. Oh yeah, poker sucked. I think I lost about $4.75 (yeah, it was really small-stakes), but I expected to lose every penny that I bought-in with ($7.00), so I guess it wasn’t too bad. Despite sucking ass at poker, I had a good time. It’s a good thing that my wife condones such behavior every once-in-a-while.

1 thought on “Hung (over)

  1. I woke up feeling pretty damn good. Which surprised me for how fucking plastered I got. Think I had another shot of tequila, finished off the schnopps stuff, and then had some Bacardi 03 shit too after you left.
    I managed to break exactly even with poker. God bless my drunken luck streak.
    I hope your wife considers once a month “once-in-a-while”. 😉

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